This morning my son was bleeding cottage cheese.

This big dog is from grandma Karen. Vincy carries it around the apartment squealing like a little puppy. That's what he does when he sees all animals. It's his way of saying, "you're cute." As you can see he also likes to ride on his puppy and make the puppy howl.

I'd say that the dirty-faced pictures are by far my favourites. I mean who looks cute when they are THAT dirty? I'm going to miss dirty faces when Vincy grows up because I doubt he's going to do this when he's 17. I love being a mom! :) Now all I need to do is figure out how to rotate these pictures so that people don't have to get kinks in their necks.

So my boy is the cutest boy in the world and NO, I'm not bias. I'm just this mom. ;)

My friend Rebecca always comments that Vincy's going to grow up to be a custodian. My thought is, good job son, you're following in your mother's footsteps. Oh yeah! That's what paid for my German degree that brings me next to no options for employment. But on the other hand at least it's paid for... i like to pat myself on the back sometimes.

Back to Vincent. Yes, his mom goes off on tangents when she's writing, just like she does when she's talking, so good luck figuring out what I'm saying or even talking about.

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Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Marcelle!!! Hey girl!! Remember me from Campus Plaza!? Wow, that seems like forever ago.
What a cute little family you have! Looks like things have been going well.
Where are you at these days?
Keep in touch!

~Serene Heiner