the whale inside my head

For the longest time now I have been reading people's blogs and for the most part i thought quite critically about what i saw but the more i've been sucked into what other people's lives are like and how fun life can be as a stay home mom i have come to realise that i am missing out on a  LOT!!! Needless to say, I have been feeling lost as a young stay home mother for the longest time now and in many instances i've looked through other the blog windows of other mommies, just like me, and i've just been starving and pinning to find the joys of motherhood. So here's what i learned today from a blog that my friend likes

"Living the life you've imagined" (a la Henry David Thoreau)
I love this quote because i do feel as though i've been waiting for years to do exactly that: live the life I've imagined. I'm at the beginning of a threshold that seems endless, with boundaries unmeasured. i feel excited yet in the same phrase I'm afraid that i won't find what i am looking for. but alas, i may as well try to do what will bring out that big whale that is trapped inside not only my mind, but my heart (as J.M. Barrie said to Peter in the movie Finding Neverland).

among the many things that i have started doing since i've gotten married is sewing. i love it. You see i'm a renaissance girl, and no, i don't pronounce is REnaissance, but rather reNAIssance... and NAI is pronounced NAY. Go British ENGLISH!!! Any one who knows me knows that i am extremely expressive. In fact i often feel like i am stumbling over my own words as i am trying to get them off of my tongue because there's just so much to be happy about.
In order to get back to the purpose of this post, i'm finding all sorts of priceless but also hidden treasures on blogs that are enlightening my life and making that whale inside of my head very uncomfortable. And so what i want to say is that i want that whale to come out, to be free and to help me live life as i had imagined. I want to start living my life. :)

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